By Invitation Only: 100 IT leaders collobarate in a day of thought-leading exchange as we examine directions from within the Office of the CIO






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(2016 Keynote)



(2016 Keynote)

World renowned thought-leaders take stage at CIOsynergy; those who have walked the line from concept to reality. From the founders the of the most disruptive companies of our time to the CEO's that have soured revenues and market share through the adoption and support of innovative cultures... These are the CIOsynergy thought-leaders that breed conversations that just dont happen within the confines of the office, they shared there stories through 2016.

Since 2008 CIOsynergy has harnessed thousands of top most CIO's and IT leaders together through 100's of events through North America and Europe. CIOsynergy events engage these leaders into an intimate day of thought-leading exchange under the umbrella of riveting keynotes, revealing CIOpanels, engaging round-tables and unparralled networking. By invitation-only these are the Who's Who of IT leadership and this is their path.

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The coveted CIOpanel has been the center of discussion at CIOsynergy events since inception in 2008, we've brought forward leading CIO's that have rallyed to innovate the landscape and here they have a platform to share not only their successes but also the challenges and lessons learned. 100's of CIO's have taken seat on the CIOpanel and are recognized as our industry thought-leaders as they share best practices and directions from within the Office of the CIO. Our 2017 panel members include...

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Founders Panel...

Thought leading insight is a recipe at CIOsynergy we have created from collaborating founders and leaders from some of the most innovative companies. This collaboration takes stage as the Founders panel and is a moderated exploration of the trends that are driving enterprise innovation. Leaders that have walk the line from concept to reality give insight into some of the most advanced solutions that are driving the biggest enterprises today and what tomorrow has in store for us.

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Thursday June 8, 2017

CIO los angeles


Every year at CIOsynergy we explore directions from within the Office of the CIO; Are these leaders planning to innovate, divest, or secure? Through these discussions we're able to understand their path and identify industry trends. By pairing our audience with a selection of industry innovators on edge of product and solution development for the enterprise we're able to incubate true thought-leaders with actionable technology. From leading blue-chips like IBM, Microsoft and CISCO to newly funded start-ups this is where we gather the latest and greatest.   







Thursday June  8th, 2017

9:30am - 4:30pm


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9:30 AM

Check-ingrab a coffee and prepare for a day of collaboration, today's discussions start in the CIOlounge where you'll join Los Angeles' leading IT strategists

10:00 AM

Let's set the tone for a day of collaboration; under the umbrella of our renowned keynote and revealing panel's we have an audience of 100 IT leaders from within Los Angeles. To support their daily endeavors we'll introduce our sponsors who through cutting edge innovation in the enterprise have helped turn concept into reality.  

10:35 AM


The Predictions Panelinsight into the predictions for 2017. What should leaders & strategists be on the lookout for? Will our vulnerabilities be mobile, web, cloud, application or endpoint? Here we have insight from a panel charged with predicting the future and tailoring their approach in advance.

10:55 AM

Retreat to the CIOloungemore than a cocktail reception these are the connections that add light to daily decisions made. Conversations with colleagues and peers in the CIOlounge under the umbrella of the latest technologies and visionaries behind them - from the masters of intrusion detection to the pioneers of Hybrid Cloud; you'll meet them during our cocktail reception.

12:25 PM

Leaders Lunch connects the dots at CIOsynergy; this epicurean lunch is the foundation of todays relationship building

The CIOpanel takes stage to reveal directions from within the Office of the CIO; are these IT leaders innovating, divesting, or securing? We'll find out in this investigative discussion that goes beyond the successes to pin-point hurdles, strategies, best-practices and those ever important lessons learned

1:30 PM

3:15 PM

Sweet Collaboration - round-tables congregate over dessert; nothing makes more sense of enterprise IT than stories of ROI, it's battles and game plans over chocolate cake

The Founders Panelinsight into the coming trends for the CIO from the visionaries behind the companies and their technology that digitize the largest brands and enterprises

2:10 PM

Retreat to the CIOlounge; grab coffee while touring the latest innovation our sponsors have to offer.

2:40 PM

3:35 PM

Keynote; at CIOsynergy we partner with a variety of chart topping renowned keynotes that have pushed the limits and disrupted their industries with ground-breaking brands and innovation. Michelle McKenna-Doyle, NFL CIO walks us through the world of analytics and its power with a data intensive org. like  the NFL.

4:20 PM

CIOdraw; we know IT folks love gadgets that's why you'll love the CIOdraw™. Our sponsors have put forth a compilation of great giveaways; from Apple's latest to Amazon's voice automation and even weekend getaways at BMW driving schools. At CIOsynergy™ we’ve seen it ALL, but are always taken back as they get better and better.

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11:30 AM

Predictions Panel...

The predictions panel gives insight into what IT leaders are planning on. The prominence of the CIO position has greatly risen as information, and the information technology that drives it, has become an increasingly important part of the modern organization. Here we give our prediction panel an opportunity to look into their crystal ball and advance us insight into some of the most advanced solutions that are driving the biggest enterprises today and what tomorrow has in store for us; you'll hear their predictions on June 8th. Our Los Angeles 2017 Predictions panel members include...  

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Teena Piccione

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SVP Technology, Fidelity Investments

Ben Nathan 

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CIO, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Cindy McKenzie 

CIO, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

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Dan Howard 

Area CIO, Loma Linda University Health 

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Mark Yorba 

CIO, Dental Platform at Danaher 

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Megan Clarke 

CIO, USC Marshall School of Business 

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Sreekant Gottimukkala  

Vice President/CIO, Prime Healthcare 

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Sheraton Grand Los Angeles

Helen Norris 

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VP,CIO, Chapman University

11:10 AM


1:10 PM


Barry Farah  

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CEO, Precocity, LLC

Brent Eubanks  

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VP Of IT Optimization, Ticketmaster 

Louis Carr  

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Chief Information Officer, LADWP 

David Nuti  

View Bio

VP of Business Development, Aryaka

Raja Mukerji  

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CCO and Co-Founder, ExtraHop Networks

10:20 AM

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